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Welcome to The Baby Depository, thanks for stopping by! 

After the birth of my real life baby in 2018 I discovered there was an overload of products and information out there about baby’s sleep, breastfeeding and raising children, some of it great, but most was generalised, one size fits all approach which didn’t sit well with me.

Over several months I armed myself with as much information about the gentle approach to sleep and parenting as I could and now I’m sharing that with all of you in one easy accessible location.

I’m also using this platform to share products that I believe are great to have when bringing that beautiful little squish home, through to toddler years and into early childhood.

Why I created The Baby Depository

I love to share my knowledge of baby’s sleep and development as I strongly believe that the world of sleep training etc has been brought about by the need to have “adult time” rather than responding to our children’s needs as nature intended.

There are so many misconceptions in the world today about how a baby should self settle in a cot from an early age, shouldn’t breastfeed to sleep, basically shouldn’t need love and comfort between the hours of 7pm to 7am, from the person who gave them life .

What I hope you take away from your visit today

The world of sleep training and formula feeding, for the most part, has morphed from the idea of convenience rather than necessity and without a thorough understanding and knowledge, the trend will continue without question.

I really hope this site can help sway you to go against what is “socially acceptable” and follow your natural instincts. I want this little piece of the internet that I’ve created to be informative, motivating and embracing.

Please remember your journey is your own and despite what you read you are not alone in wanting to be responsive to your baby xx

The Baby Depository

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